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Rose Lalonde
United States
                               ▓▒░ Rose Lalonde ░▒▓
                                ▓▒░ 14 Years old ░▒▓
                            ▓▒░ tentacleTherapist ░▒▓
                               ▓▒░ Seer of Light ░▒▓
         ▓▒░Typing Style: Perfect grammar and syntax░▒▓
                  ▓▒░ Strife Specibi: Needlekind ░▒▓
                         ▓▒░ Fetch Modus : tree ░▒▓

▓▒░ Likes: Psychoanalysis, creative writing, strange beasts, Wizards, knitting.░▒▓
▓▒░Dislikes: Fake interest in Wizards, Wizard statues. ░▒▓

                            ▓▒░☼ Personality ☼░▒▓

Rose is straightforward, stoic, and stern, and at times long-winded.
Unlike other pesterChum users, Rose can be helpful at times, giving John encouragement and apologizing for her own mistakes. She easily prefers organization to chaos.
If the situation calls for it, Rose will use flattery to get what she wants or needs.
She's very secretive, is quite cynical, and has difficulty admitting the sincerity of certain actions.
She's very serious minded, and rarely, if ever, jokes around, especially if something's at stake.


On the less Battle minded end, Rose can play the violin very well, and has taken an interest in knitting. She also seems to like writing, which is something she prefers to be kept to herself.
On the fighting minded end, She can use her Knitting needles as a weapon, and is quite good at using them in this way. She also has two wands which let's her use magic of some sort.
As of The End of Act 5 act 2, Rose (as well Dave and Jade) has risen to God tier. At the current moment we don't know what new abilities she has yet, but Her Role-player will just assume She can now float/ partially fly, control luck, and whatever Light-y abilities that come to mind.
As The Seer of Light, She has the ability to predict the outcome of any given action, like wither it's going fail spectacularly, or if it's going to succeed.


:bulletpink: Laptop with built in Power-source and Signal (always in Sylladex except when she's in her house)
:bulletpink: 2 Wands (She usually uses the Needlewands now instead, after the hole Grimdark episode. Always in Sylladex))
:bulletpink: Knitting supplies
:bulletpink: Umbrella
:bulletpink: Velvet Pillow (also always in Sylladex except when at home.)
:bulletpink: Magic Ball (This one as-well)
:bulletpink: Grimoire for Summoning the Zoologically Dubious
:bulletpink: Outfits (Normal, Winter, Velvet, Dark, God tier outfit, baggy brown pants and a beige top, shorts and pants bought seperatly) -Currently wearing Winter-
:bulletpink: Books she bought here. (some old spell book, some books she owned before)
:bulletpink: Jade's Christmas present to her (a Horrorterror book)
:bulletpink: A Sea Shell with "I SURVIVED" on the inside. (From Event)
:bulletpink: Stage Make-up Kit. (from Christmas Event)
:bulletpink: " MS paint coloured uggs and booty shorts and shirts and a frilly bow tie and one directions album complete with a blow up Harry Styles sex doll" (From Christmas event)

Rose lives in a large Victorian style house, just barely big enough to be considered a mansion. It's a couple blocks away from Dave's giant ass mansion, and pales in comparison to size and extravegence to the Strider home. The house contains a kitchen, two hallways, a study, a living room, a dining room, a den, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a guest bedroom, a spare room to be used for varies things, and a basement and attic.


░♫ Just Don't break their Heart.♫░
[John's Girl/boyfriend][Kanaya's Matesprite]
Their will be dire Consiquences If you do.

                     ░♫ My Close Companions♫░
               I'm sure I would go insane without you.

░☼The Scratched Session☼░
Your the human race's only hope. God help us all.

                    ░☼Normal Friends☼░

           I admit no regrets for meeting you.

                    ░♥Romantic Partner♥░
                 I've never felt this way before...

                   ▒▬ Acquaintances▬▒
                     Should I trust you?

                       I have mixed feelings.

▒░=Varies SPURB components≡░▒
Sadly you no longer have a purpose

                 I'm not very fond of you.

                      ▓■Highly Dislike■▓
Stay away from me if you know what's good for you.

         I wish you were never conceived.

▒░≡Alternate selves≡░▒
Find this "alternate universe" idea strange, yet somehow intriguing

▒░You Seem familiar░▒

I'm not sure why, though.

(( RP account for :iconultimaterpx-da:
NOTE: The webcomic Rose is from is currently ongoing, So any information she gives about herself or what she was doing before ending up here could change at any time, and probably will. So if she tells you something different about what happened to her at later times, act like you already sorta know. Thank you. ))
((I will Role-play with anyone, However, I will only comment with members of UltimateRP-Xover. If you are NOT a part of this group, and want to role play with me, you'll have to be the one to start it by commenting on my profile. If Rose has never met you, DON'T ACT LIKE SHE HAS. I'm open to all ships and romantic junk, just ask me before jumping on.
If you Follow me, I will follow you. If your a Role-play account, that is, Freelance or part of a group.))
Everything was falling apart. Monsters were everywhere, destruction was everywhere. yet it was all  so familiar.
standing high among the creatures, stood the hooded silhouette of a teenage girl. her violet gaze  looked over the strange black creatures below, and with a smirk she leaped down to them. a brief, but undoubtedly gruesome battle  took place. a flick here, and blast of evil magic here, and the creature was dead.  rose removed her hood and looked at her handy work. she did that. and she'll do that to many more when she finds them. She was a little rusty, sure, two years on a meteor  doesn't give opportunity for fighting, but she had to do something.  She was a goddess, basically, and had magical wands/knitting needles that can shoot fire or indescribable magic lightening stuff.
How can she not do something? 

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A certain blond female was walking down the street, Lost in thought thinking and rethinking over the last couple of events, wondering if she should feel violated for pretty much merging with other people.
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Sunny was just taking a walk with her Mk. IV robot in her arms. She was glad she not only made some friends but literally made a companion right in her arms, as this city was the craziest she has ever seen.
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the blond continued to walk, still not paying attention to her surroundings.
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" You don't say. " Rose is never in a good mood when Mayor screws with reality, especially when that screwing includes dropping the temperature. The blond repositioned herself, making sure all of her 'naughty bits' was sufficiently covered by the flimsy red cloth that could barely be called a blanket. "Oh i've been better. Clothed, warm, sleeping on a mattress not made out of mahogany. How I long for a simpler times. How about you? How have you been holding up?"
"And How did you get into my house?"
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"Thanks for your concern." She smiled at the unknown gendered Pyromaniac. She was starting to wonder why Ze wasn't nude like everyone, but shook the thought away. "Thank you. So how have things been? you know, before the nudity bullshit."
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